All About Us

We’re the Vagabond Retirees, Mark & Linda.  We sold all of our possessions to travel the world full-time!  This idea came to us in the New Year 2014, when we realized that seeing the world while we were young and healthy was a priority.  So, we took a year and either sold, gave away, or donated everything we have in order to free ourselves up to travel.  What we DO own now fits into a 26″ suitcase each…believe us, it’s really great once you wrap your mind around it!  I (Linda) retired New Years’ morning 2015 after being a Labour & Delivery nurse, and Mark was finished mid-February, 2015 after working in the steel industry in H.R., Safety & Environmental.  I was 54 and Mark was 55 at the time.

Being Canadian, we have the healthcare issue (universal healthcare), so we maintain our status by being in Canada (predominantly Ontario) at least 5 months a year.  In order to do this we bought ourselves a gorgeous motorhome that we boot around in for our North American jaunts.  When traveling abroad (and actually in North America too), we cut our costs substantially by house sitting.  We are members of – a great website that networks homeowners with sitters for their homes and (usually) their pets.  As we write this, we are sitting in the UK on 2 assignments for 6 weeks.  It’s a win-win for everyone involved.  The owners don’t have to kennel their pets, keeping them in their own comfortable environment, and their home remains safe and secure.   We get the benefit of free accommodations, as well as being able to truly soak in the culture of the area.  If we’re not house sitting or “motorhoming”, we find ourselves seeing the world through Airbnb.  We rent an apartment (we’ve used the service numerous times now and have never been disappointed) in places like Paris, Baltimore, Vancouver, Australia…it’s cheaper than hotels, and again we get to experience the true culture of the area.

We feel we must mention that travel in retirement has been on our minds for a number of years.  We just didn’t know how we could make it happen without it costing us a fortune.  Lucky for us we came across Lynne and Tim Martin who we have considered our mentors throughout this entire process.  Lynne had written an article for The Wall Street Journal back in 2011, and we contacted them after reading it and picked their brains.  Their advice helped us to realize our dream!

Finally, our mission for this blog…to help those who want to travel in retirement realize that it IS possible to do so without breaking the bank, and that you CAN do it as a Canadian.

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Trails,

Linda & Mark

4 thoughts on “All About Us

  1. Linda and Mark we just had a Skype conversation with Geoff in Cornwall. We are housitting for them in May. Also house sitting near the Cotswolds and near Stratfford on Avon. Too bad They gave me your site now. I am a Destination Expert for Washington and could have suggested some great things to see and do. Our National Parks are fabulous. It does not always rain out here. We have had three days of lovely weather this week.


    • Thanks, Dennis! We will be traveling up through Washington again in late March heading back to Vancouver, Canada. You are going to love house sitting for Geoff & Annie! Seve stole our hearts and we can’t wait to go back in 2017! We spent 6 weeks in the UK – 3 weeks in Cornwall (be sure to visit Port Isaac – it’s where Doc Martin is filmed and we are hooked on the series now!), and the other 3 weeks just outside of York (also returning there in 2017).


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