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Where You Of?

The last time we were in the UK was in 2015 and it was a first for both of us. We were so blown away by the great experiences we knew we’d be back as soon as we could. The people, the pets, and the sights were wonderful and we met a lot of new friends and talked to a lot of strangers.

One fellow in particular always stood out in my mind. He was a farmer from Huby, which is in the York area. We came across him sitting on his tractor as we strolled up his laneway with the dogs. We were a little lost. We knew we weren’t OMG lost but we just didn’t want to get too far off our planned trail. When we asked which way to go he politely gave us directions, or at least I thought they were directions, but I wasn’t 100% sure due to his accent.

Just out for a walk, how could we get lost?

Next it was his turn to ask a question and it was “where you of?” Now that stumped us…”where you of?” Looking at each other I think we both thought we were lost again. Was he asking where we’re from, was it where are you staying, or was it something else entirely? After a few back and forths we figured he knew we weren’t from the UK, but he was curious about where our accent was from. After identifying that we were Canadian, he was eager to know more about our country, our jobs, and our reasons for being in the UK. Once again we found ourselves explaining our “lifestyle” to a complete stranger, and it always amazes us how intrigued people can be about our nomadic life.

Thankfully you’re intrigued too or you wouldn’t be reading our blogs or visiting the website. This lifestyle can be for anyone; retired or not, young or old, families, couples or singles. All you have to do is be willing to offer your domestic capabilities to others who are in need of a reliable trusted house, and just as important, trusted pet sitter. There are so many opportunities listed on

that would likely fit anyone’s particular needs. All you have to do is register and then begin to explore what we think is the greatest vehicle for finding your next adventure.

Who knows maybe one day you’ll be explaining to someone “where you of?” and writing your own blog and we’ll be following you. Where will you be…Sydney, California, Paris, BC, Hilton Head, Cape Cod?

Happy Trails

Linda & Mark


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  1. Hey guys,
    I just love reading about your adventures with some degree of jealousy to say the least! Glad to hear you’re both well and loving life. All the best

    Scott and Sharon.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Scott and Sharon! So good to hear from you. Life is grander than we anticipated, that’s for sure! We’re here in the UK until Oct 22, but not back to Ontario until mid-December. We’ll be house sitting in the Caribbean for 6 weeks after Markie’s wedding at the end of October. Keep in touch please!

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