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Trelawny Cornish Ale

When travelling we often find ourselves stopping in somewhere for something to nibble on as well as something to quench our thirst. When in the Camelford area of England this usually means stopping at a small local pub, plunking ourselves down near or at the bar, and interacting with the locals. It’s there that you get to ask that most important interacting question, “What’s good to drink”? It’s no surprise to most travellers that each country, and each area in that country has its own unique traditions when it comes to food and drink. There are a lot of personal opinions out there as to “what’s good to drink”. So if you’re going to ask, you had better be prepared to try the recommendation. Beer itself is pretty diverse – you can order ales, lagers, pilsner, and on and on and on. I’m pretty flexible, although for a while now I’ve been on a Pale Ale kick, but I’m willing to try anything, especially if it’s recommended. The Brits do love their beer, and they’re very helpful in encouraging you to drink what they happen to be drinking at the time.

This week when we visited the Masons Arms (run by a very personable gal named Jo) I tried a Cornish Ale called Trelawny brewed by the St. Austell Brewery. Of course it was recommended by a local fellow who was drinking it himself. The brewery is very close to Camelford so he might have been a little protective with his choice.

The St. Austell website describes it as “The unique and harmonious blend of English and South Australian hops gives Trelawny a distinctive character of the old and new world”. I’m not exactly sure what that implies but I’m an old guy from the new world and I found it to be a very good choice. When poured it had a copper colour, small head, and I could smell a hint of toffee or caramel. I also found that being served not as cold, likely around 7-10C (something that I never would have tried years ago) allows you taste more of the beer’s flavour. Its alcohol content was listed as 3.8% so it was an easy ale to throw back and really enjoy.

Unfortunately for my friends back home, this beer isn’t available in Ontario according to the LCBO website, but if you happen to be travelling through southwest England give Trelawny a try. Find out more by visiting their website at

And if you’re ever in the Camelford Masons Arms on a Sunday order the “proper” Sunday roast, that would be the “what’s good to eat here” interaction, and tell Jo that Linda and Mark from Canada sent you… cheers.

Happy Trails

Linda and Mark

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