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So What’s This Housesitting Thing?

We started out house sitting over 2 years ago through a fantastic website: www.trustedhousesitters.com (and it is still the ONLY website we use to find house sits). Before going any further, I want to put in the code that enables you to receive 20% off of a yearly membership (ours came to $80 Cdn after the discount). Yes, we get a little bonus for referring you – 2 months added on to our present membership. A nice little perk, for sure and you get a great bonus. So here’s the link:  


That should link you to the registration page. If it doesn’t work by some chance, refer to us (either Linda & Mark Habros or Vagabond Retirees)


So Why Housesitting?

Initially we thought “well, it would be great to house sit for maybe 2 or 3 months a year. We’ll get to live like the locals, enjoy some wonderful pets, and hopefully develop some friendships with people from all over the world”.  And let’s face it, our expenses would go down a lot for a little bit of the year.  I have to be honest though and tell you all that I really thought it was near to impossible to land these gigs. There are over 20,000 registered house sitters on the site, and how on earth were we ever going to have a fighting chance? I’ve come to realize that it’s all about being yourself and putting together an excellent profile. I won’t go into the ins and outs right now about how to put together a great profile…we’re in the midst of writing a book that outlines everything WE know about house sitting, so stay tuned. For those who are interested in house sitting and don’t know where to start with the process, we offer our services to help you put together something great to perhaps give you the edge, and assist you in landing those sits in your areas of interest. Just shoot us an email at vagabondretirees@gmail.com and we’ll talk.


So, Just What IS This Housesitting Thing?

It’s just as it sounds. You stay in people’s homes in various places throughout the world, watch their house to ensure it is secure, you keep it neat and tidy, maybe some gardening, putting out the trash, collecting the mail, watering the plants…treating the house with respect and care.






And 99% of the time there are pets involved. Lovely pets! This is where the true win/win comes in! We care for the animals, keeping them in their home environment, which then negates the stress of being kenneled. It’s hard enough on animals when their pet parents are away, let alone having to be in a strange place. And we get to love them as well (best part!). We’ve cared for dogs, cats, birds, fish and chickens to date, and have loved every minute.

We do NOT charge money for house sitting. It’s a swap. Free accommodations for us, free care of house and pets for the homeowners. If you’re looking at charging for house sitting, then Trustedhousesitters is not for you. They don’t allow you to charge as of this year (and we’ve never charged).


But, What If I’m Not Retired?

You don’t have to be retired to do what we do! Want to see Scotland for 2 weeks? House sit. You’ll see a lot more this way, and you’ll experience the REAL Scotland. Accommodations would cost you a minimum of $200 Cdn/night if you stayed in a hotel (or even an Airbnb in some areas of the country), so you’ve just saved yourself $2800. Go for a month somewhere, and you’ve just doubled that. Even if you only house sat during your vacation time each year, you’d save a TON of money…and you get to see some pretty cool places. Some families have even done this together, children and all.


So Again…Why Housesitting?

Seeing the world as a house/pet sitter has enriched our lives beyond our wildest dreams. We truly get to absorb the culture of whatever area we’re staying in, and we’ve met fantastic people along the way. The sights we’ve seen…oh my…so many sights…too many to even fathom. But our favourite part? The pets…always the pets. They’ve made their way into our hearts, each and every one of them, and left a huge imprint there. The hardest part about the “job” is leaving them at the end.

So, that 2-3 months a year of house sitting? It’s evolved. Exponentially. 2017 has us sitting for FORTY-THREE, yes that’s right – 43, weeks! That should tell you right there how much we love it. So here’s our trip around the world so far through house and pet sitting:

London, Ontario (twice); Cornwall, UK (twice – we’re back right now); North Yorkshire (going back in September); North Vancouver (2 separate house sits); Boulder Creek, CA; Sonoma, CA (and going back for a month at end of December 2017); Hilton Head, SC; Lake Norman, NC; Cape Cod, Mass (twice); Montreal, QC; Sydney, Australia; Maroochydore, Australia; Wollongong, Australia, Canberra, Australia.



And here’s what’s up for the remainder of 2017 and beyond:

We’re here in Cornwall, UK right now (July 2017), and have 5 more house sits lined up: Brighton, Edinburgh (North Berwick), Chelmsford (London area), North Yorkshire, and Bath. We’re flying back to America at end of October for our daughter’s wedding, and then heading to the Caribbean to Nevis Island for another 6 week sit, back to Ontario for Christmas, then Sonoma, CA for a month at the end of December (a repeat sit). In the works are a sit in Washington State (Widbey Island), and a summer in the south of France. Who knows if we’ll be the successful candidates? We’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Any questions, direct them to us at vagabondretirees@gmail.com. And don’t forget your link at the top of the post for your 20% discount!

Happy Trails,

Linda & Mark

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