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Housesitting in Beautiful Cornwall UK

Ahhh! Here we are back in Camelford, in the heart of Northern Cornwall, UK. Getting here was a little daunting (see “Planes, Trains, & Automobiles” post), but worth the trek nonetheless. It’s our second time house sitting for a fantastic couple here. Two years ago we spent 3 weeks caring for their home and their sweet Golden Retriever, Seve. We’ve been very fortunate to have become friends (one of the many benefits of house sitting!) and maintained that friendship through social media since then. We were thrilled when they invited us back, this time for almost 6 weeks.

We drove up the mile long one lane roadway once again and it was like coming home.







The scenery is like this everywhere









Our residence for the next 40 days is a restored barn, and the workmanship on this restoration is just impeccable. Cornwall is known for its stonework, and the house is a sample of the time honoured skill of days gone by. It gives you the feeling that you’re stepping back in time to the medieval era, and it gets your imagination going when you try to picture life as it must have been back in the 1200’s when Camelford was founded.







The project in 2015 and now almost finished…WOW!   

Outside our door we find 2 fields just brimming with sheep. You can maybe see now why we love it so much here. It’s peaceful and serene, and it doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes before we find ourselves coming down about 10 notches on the stress scale.

They’ve moved on now to another field but they’ll back. Watch the videos at


Our boy, Seve, greets us excitedly, and we’re thrilled that he remembers us. He’s not a pup anymore, and has settled down somewhat with age. He’s captured our hearts once again. I know I’m totally excited to get out walking with him daily and to get my fix of the Cornish charm and beauty.

Seve cooling down after a good walk

Much of the UK allows dogs into restaurants and cafes (actually, pretty much anywhere!), and Seve will be frequenting some old haunts, as well as some new places that we’ve added to our “must see” list. We love this about the UK. It allows us to do the job we’ve come to do (caring for the dog and the house – the dog being top priority!) all the while seeing some of the local sights in the area. Win/win!

So, stay tuned as we take you along with us on some of our experiences in the upcoming 6 weeks while in Cornwall. You’re going to love it!

Happy Trails
Linda & Mark

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