Australia II

Wherever you live or wherever you go there’s always a little town that has that special appeal. Where we are now in the Sunshine Coast region the town of Montville, population under a 1000, fits that description. It’s about a 40 minute drive, up and down some pretty steep hills, just west from our place in Maroochydore. On the drive there’s many identified scenic pullover spots to enjoy. They say it’s about 400 meters above sea level so views are fabulous as you look down across farmlands to the Pacific. Once you arrive to the town most of the attractions are all located on the main street so it’s hard to miss. The street is on a bit of a gradual slope so it can be a trek but there’s plenty of benches to relax on. Popular attractions include galleries, restaurants, and craft and clothing shops. Also nearby are wineries and cheese factories but we didn’t stop at any of those.

We spent the late morning, early afternoon checking out most of the shops and were very pleased with the quality. They have many interesting galleries that offer artists work in all genres; landscape, street and beach scenes, aboriginal, etc. Our lunch was at the Poets Café which is situated so you have a great view of those earlier mentioned vistas. Both of our meals were very good and the staff were also very attentive. Another restaurant called The Edge has similar views and we’ve heard the food experience is great there too.

The town is very popular in this area and was reasonably crowded for a Friday, I’m sure weekends would be much busier. Once again we found free parking and we definitely recommend stopping if you are ever in the area as we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Happy Trails… Mark and Linda


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