Our 2016 At A Glance

Hi to Everyone around the world!  It’s Linda here writing an actual blog post this time…usually it is my sweet better half that does this, but I feel inspired to write today and to give you our yearly reflection of where our Vagabond Retiree adventures have taken us!

Before I summarize though, I’d like to mention that 2017 holds a lot of excitement for us!  We plan to write a book about being Vagabond Retirees – but we don’t really want it to be about US!  We’d like it to be about YOU, our readers.  So we are reaching out to you to please give us some feedback either here in the comments or on our Facebook page as to what you’d truly like to see in a book.  I guess what we’re trying to say is this:  we’d like to see everyone be able to live this truly amazing lifestyle (and believe me, we do not have an unlimited budget, and it is very doable for most), so ask, comment, suggest, and we are open!

So, here’s our 2016 Year At A Glance:

January – early February 2016 – Boulder Creek, California – House Sitting

February – early March 2016 – Sonoma California – House Sitting

March 2016 – 2 weeks in Apache Junction, Arizona  with the motorhome visiting friends

March 2016 (late) – motorhome back to Fort Langley, BC

April 2016 – Fort Langley, BC camping with the motorhome for 1st 2 weeks then made our way back to Ontario with the beast during the last 2 weeks

May 2016 – Camping in the motorhome in Belle River, Ontario

June 2016 – Ditto

July until early August, 2016 – London, Ontario – House Sitting

Remainder of August, 2016 – Back to Belle River, Ontario with the motorhome

September 2016 – Hilton Head Island, SC – House Sitting

September/October 2016 – Lake Norman, NC – House Sitting

October 2016 – Arlington, Virginia to visit our daughter and future son-in-law

October 2016 – Cape Cod, Massachusetts to visit friends and house sit

October 2016 – early November 2016 – Montreal, QC – house sitting

November 9-16 – Shanghai, China – visiting friends

November 17 – December 13 –  Sydney, Australia visiting our daughter & family

December 13 – December 31 – Northern Sydney suburbs house sitting.

There you have it – a jam packed year of excitement and adventures.  We’ll try to put together a collage before the true end of the year (3 days to go!) on our Facebook page.  New Years’ Eve brings with it my 2 year anniversary of retiring.  Although I often miss my friends and family, I have to say (and I’m pretty sure I can speak for Mark) that we wouldn’t trade this life for anything.  It has by far exceeded our expectations, and it has been a joyous time for us.  So, on that note, HAPPY NEW YEAR, cheers to a fantastic 2017, and give us some feedback on those book topics…we’d love for you to come along and create your own adventures!

Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Trails,

Linda & Mark








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